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Author : Arushi Masurkar | 19-06-2021 | 158 Views

Do you have questions regarding going abroad? We are here with the answer to a few of your burning questions.

Q1: Which university is best for mechanical engineering? The University of Bath, University of Southampton, or the University of Sheffield?

A: Bath is a distant 3rd place, you can choose between the other two, Sheffield and Southampton. However, as a matter of caution, match your academics and motivation to what the University expects. Many students get admitted to foreign universities but cannot match the study load.

Secondly, after graduating from a UK university, will you get a work visa in the UK? If that's an important criterion for you, please check before you go ahead.


Q2: Is education really free in Germany for international students?

A: If you want to study in Germany courses taught in the German language then many of them are virtually free, but you have to bear the living costs which can be high. So the study abroad for free tuition works if you are willing to make the limited investment, and most important if you have a career in mind which will pay back the limited but quite significant investment.


Q3: Can you recommend some good colleges in Germany for Business Management?

A: Munich Business School, Lancaster University, EBS European Business School, IUBH University of Applied Sciences, International School Of Management & SRH Hochschule Berlin are some of the best universities in Germany and they all offer Business Management. 


Q4: Is Germany a good education destination for Indian students? What are the fee structures like?

A: Germany is among the top destinations for international students. It ranks at the top after the US and UK. However German education is of the highest standard not only for Engineering but Business and Economics. What an international student needs to know is that public universities in Germany virtually charge zero tuition fees, even from international students, something which very few countries offer.

You definitely need to know that a student visa comes with a work permit that will allow you to work in Germany, or anywhere in the EU after you graduate.

The fee structure for private Universities is in the region of Euro 7500 to 11000 per year for most courses. Exceptions to this are the high-priced American Universities that operate in Germany. Another exception is the Masters in Business which can cost 20000 to 35000 Euros at most private Business schools. Germany has few of the world's top-ranked business schools.

For bachelor/undergrad students, the overriding thumb rule is that Public Universities offer their education for free but most courses are taught in German. So you need a B2 level of German to apply. Another thumb rule is that most private universities offer English-taught international courses and they also charge the fee as stated above. You don’t need to know German to study here. However, at the postgraduate level, several Public Universities offer courses in English many of which are free of tuition cost.

About 15000 students from India go to Germany to study every year. The criteria of admission in the top Universities can be quite tough, but it’s nothing compared to what Indian Universities require, so go for it!


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