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Author : Arushi Masurkar | 12-06-2021 | 161 Views

Do you have questions regarding going abroad? We are here with the answer to a few of your burning questions.


Q1: Can studying abroad improve your language skills?

Yes definitely. When it comes to english, you’ll be using it almost 90 percent of the time. This will help you improve your language and communication. Other than that you might also learn other languages if you're in close contact with the locals or make friends that speak other languages.


Q2: Which is the best university in the world and why? How many courses are offered by it? How many students are enrolled there?

Searching for the world's best University is like searching for the best religion. Every religion is as good as what you make of it. Harvard and MIT in the US, Cambridge, and Oxford in the UK have been at the top in the global ranking for many years.

Universities market themselves like brands so that they can secure a higher place in the rankings. The top Universities have between 10000 to 50000 students, several campuses, and courses from Sciences, Business, Economics, Humanities, medicine. The large and well-regarded universities would give you a competitive environment, while some other universities may give you a nurturing environment. Both are different learning experiences.


Q3: Is overseas studies even worth it?

Yes it is but this education comes at a much higher financial cost, and the challenge of making it big in a foreign environment, loneliness, adjusting to a tough and demanding lifestyle which many of us are not used to. So it may not be so lucrative if you are mentally not prepared for it.

A word of caution here. Several countries particularly the US, Canada, and the UK are very expensive and simply do not have the jobs to offer every passing out graduate. The US and UK do not offer long-term work visas to foreign students. Make sure that you do your homework when it comes to the choice of country is very important. 

Many of the highly valued brand-name universities offer a very little extra to an Indian student. Instead, they charge astronomical tuition fees over and above the high cost of student living. You have to avoid those. You are not going for tourism, or on a family holiday, you are going there to build a future. You must prepare well, research into the courses they offer and select something which satisfies your needs and offers a great future.

For many foreign-bound students who follow a herd, mindlessly spending millions and landing up with no jobs at the end, it is not worth it.


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