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Author : Arushi Masurkar | 09-06-2021 | 216 Views

Do you have questions regarding going abroad? We are here with the answer to a few of your burning questions.


Q1: How does studying abroad help in advancing your career?

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that'll change you. To list a few career changes that'll happen. Firstly, you’ll be exposed to new and global opportunities. Your view of the world will expand. Secondly, you’ll make new connections and relations with people around the world, because of which you’ll have an immense boost in your confidence. Lastly, you’ll know the way of the world. You’ll learn so much about the world and about yourself.


Q2: Do you have to pay tuition all at once?

Payment of tuition fees can be done at the beginning of the year for the entire year, or it can be paid per semester. Very few universities give the option of paying it monthly.

The visa rules in most countries make it mandatory for payment of the entire yearly fee or semester fee for the first year, at the beginning of the year.

Thus the rule may not apply in the 2nd and 3rd year of study, and you pay in monthly installments.


Q3: Are Indian top universities better than foreign universities?

These haloed education institutions in India, the best among the best, do not have any problem in attracting the cream of the crop of students. It's a question of demand and supply. So why should they upgrade their curriculum, their facilities, and infrastructure? Why should they hire the best teachers? Simply put, they don’t have the pressure of competition. So the lucky few who made it to the IITs, AIIMS, and the top medical colleges and engineering colleges soon realize that this education is great by Indian standards but lags behind the global standards. The teachers are not much bothered, and they have been severely short-changed.

The government isn't interested in promoting competition among top institutions so that they can improve. If they remain competitive they will get the best in global practices and the best teachers. They may also charge a higher fee or get higher grants from the government to pay and retain the best teachers.

Let's continue, now a few unlucky people who could afford to get into a western university in Europe realize something very soon. The workload on them is challenging, the course content is enjoyable, the teaching is rigorous, and the infrastructure is simply amazing. They are researching, working on projects in the industry, and face to face with the latest in global technologies. For them, the experience is not one of cutthroat competition but one where they are motivated to do well, and excel. We have read of the numerous success stories from engineering, computer science, the world of business and media.


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