Apply for Bachelor courses in Germany for Spring/Fall 2022

Author : Sai Renganayaki | 20-08-2019 | 2103 Views

Germany, officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Central and Western Europe. It is the world’s most popular non-Anglophone study destination, and the third most popular overall – only the US and the UK welcome more international students each year. Every major German city has at least one university ranked among the world’s best. It also offers high quality of life, relatively low tuition fees, extensive support and scholarship schemes for international students, and decent post-graduation employment prospects. Here are some of the Bachelor courses that you can enroll in the spring semester:


1. Bachelor of Arts in International Business Administration

The course helps to identify sustainable opportunities and develop innovative solutions for smart management with foresight. This is a  3 or 3.5-year full-time course (depending on the type of internship one chooses in the last semester) that is fully taught in english. The batch for the course starts in April. 

2. Bachelor of Science in Business Information System

Graduates from this course will be able to pave the way for the introduction and implementation of new information technologies in companies as the aim is to have graduates possessing a unique skill set, broad management knowledge as well as advanced IT expertise. This is a 3-year full-time course taught in English that provides relevant skills in programming, website creation, management, and leadership. The batch for the course starts in April.

3. Bachelor of Arts in International Business

During this course, one will acquire knowledge of business administration with an international basis. The curriculum includes topics such as finance and controlling, project and information management, marketing and statistics. A 3.5-year course taught in English, one will be ideally prepared for the international labor market.  

4. Bachelor of Science in International Management

This 3 year English course that starts in March, students will gain the ability to successfully represent a company in regional locations around the globe and will be qualified to lead multicultural teams. They will also have the flexibility to adapt to technological change and dynamic consumer preferences.

5. Bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences

This course enables students to broadly learn about human and the non- human world and to systematically develop their capacity for high- level academic work with others. This English taught course starts in March.

6. Bachelor of Arts in Aviation Management

A 3.5 year English taught program, this practical course’s goal is to prepare students for careers in specialized and management positions in companies and institutions in the aviation industry.

7. Bachelor of Science in International Business and Economics

A 3-year full-time course taught in English where students learn the fundamentals of economics and management along with international aspects. It prepares students from all over the world for challenging future responsibilities in the private and public sectors.

8. Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration

This 3 year English taught course provides students with rigorous business education, flexible curriculum, hands-on experience, and international exposure, making them ready to thrive in today’s fast-paced business world.  


Admission requirements: 

The admission requirements for all the courses mentioned above are:

  • General higher education entrance qualification or university of applied sciences entrance qualification; 

  • personal interview; and 

  • proof of English language proficiency.


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