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Singapore, A small country in Asia. But they are shining like a bright star in the field of technology, business, and Startups !!! Some top ranked universities are doing research in environmental awareness and sustainable living to deal with the global warming issues.
National University of Singapore. Nanyang Technological Univesity are some good universities in Singapore.
Getting into IIT is quite tough sometimes. Not because you are not talented , but the reason is there are so many students. India is the youth’s country. So many young talented students don’t get selected in IITs, BITs, NIT. Then what is the solution?
  • If you are CBSE student, with the very good score in your 10th, 12th. Then you can apply for NUS, NTU. If you are from other board, then you should have a JEE score. Please take a note, it is great to qualify in JEE Mains, JEE advanced.  Show your JEE score only if you are qualified.
  • Give SAT too. But start your preparation early. I have seen students started their JEE /SAT /BITS SAT preparations from 8th Standard.
National University of Singapore (NUS)
NUS is very good and stands in top 10 Universities in the world for Engineering and technology. It is ranked 1st in Asia. There are many Indians here. Some Indians are also leading politicians in Singapore. If you can afford and you have got a scholarship, then you can go for NUS. Please keep in mind you still need to manage your living expenses. Rahul Soni , IIT Guwahati, Btech Student did his internship in NUS. The Professors , who are teaching here are from top universities across the globe.
  • Ben Leong the best professor as the students review , is Ph.D from MIT, USA.
  • Prateek Saxena , Expert in Security is Ph.D from Univesity of California Berkley. You can get the information about more professors from the NUS website. You will find lots of professors who did their Btech from IITs and post graduate from top institutes from USA
  • ISRO Scientist , Aditya Kulkarni got to do research in computer science in this university. He got a full scholarship from NUS for his Ph.D programme. In conversation with him; He said, there are some students who have left their jobs in sillicon valley to start a company in Singapore. They have started a “Sustainable Living Lab”. They are dealing with the electronics waste , which is not disposable. They are trying to make use of natural resources for power generation. Aditya visited their lab. He informed me, at that time in 2013; the SLL was working on smartphone for farmers with the outer shell made up of Bamboo tree. The reason was : the plastic case of your smartphone is not environment friendly.
Nanyang Technological University (NTU)
NTU is also a great organization, Ranked 39th across the globe and 1st in Asia, stands equal with NUS. Recently, they have joined hands with BMW to launch a research program in Electro-mobility. They have partnered with the National Geographic channel for environmental awareness.
Any one interested in Game Development ?
Game development is a field where, you need a knowledge of computer programming , mathematics ,graphics and physics. In todays date , Computer Games are getting transformed from the indoor to outdoor. A virtual reality game of tennis or badminton can be played with the guy on the computer screen. This way you can manage to practice tennis with a computer. It may not match the real world game but still you need to do some physical activity. Military plans can be made using a Computer Games. IIT Bombay student , Priya from Industrial design center came up with the game to teach astronomy using a augmented reality based game. She got support from NTU for her final year project and thesis.


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