European University Fair, Mumbai, October 2019.

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European University Fair in International Schools and Colleges in Mumbai: October 3, 4 and 5.

Our students wish to go to Universities in Europe. Our high school students qualify with International Baccalaureate, A levels, and Indian Secondary School Diploma. We are delighted to inform you that our International school associates are interested in conducting a  'University Fair' with prestigious universities such as yours.
Our tour covers top colleges in Mumbai teaching undergrad programmes in Management, Commerce, Finance, IT and Engineering. Would you like to recruit students from these international schools and Colleges from India?

What is an International School?
International schools are prestigious schools teaching the International Curriculum i.e International Baccalaureate Diploma Program or the  Cambridge A Levels.
Our proposal covers tours to International schools in Mumbai and Pune (both in Western India).  

Why should you tour international schools in India?
International schools produce the best talent among secondary schools in India.
They have a global perspective. More than 70% of the students are looking for undergrad studies abroad. The average performance of these schools is higher than IB's global averages. Several students from IB have scored above 40 (out of 45).   
Students are critical thinkers, motivated and determined.  
They are high fee paying students. They come from affluent families. Many of these students go to top Universities in Europe and North America to study Sciences, Arts, Business, Humanities, Engineering, Medicine, etc.  

Number of International Schools participating in Mumbai, Pune
September 30th- October 3rd: 2019
4 High Schools +  2 colleges   
Duration of the fair is 2 hours/day. We will tour one or two venues per day. During this time students and parents can interact with the university representative. Entrance tests and interviews can be conducted during this time. Complete applications can be accepted. Spot offers can be given. After the fair, you may interact with the student/parent personally.
Our management fees. €750. Taxes 18% extra
This covers 4 schools + 2 colleges: 3 days;
Last date for booking is July 15th, 2019.
Event flow and deliverable to you
All Universities will have their display on tables inside the school auditorium or classrooms on an equal.
All schools will confirm their participation and agree to the timings and deliverables.
One University fair will be conducted per day. All participating Universities will be present at the same school on that day. The exact schedule will be made available to you on a non-preferential basis.
2 standees per university, electrical power if required.
Adequate, lighting and air conditioning.
All students from the school will have the participating Universities' pdf in their email at least 1 day prior.
Interested students will have their transcripts scanned and hard copy ready.
What does the fee include?
Written confirmations from schools +  colleges with date, schedule of the University fair.
Names of other universities, other important details
Permission to make spot recruitment.
Permission to accept applications.
JAM Campus Abroad will coordinate everything to escort your team to the School and back. Assist you with all communication.
*All travel and conveyance expenses local and within the city and intercity has to be borne by the university.*

A brief report on the University Fair that was held in February 2019

European Universities visited International Schools and colleges in Mumbai during the month of February. Every fixture was of 2 hours where students from the school participated. 

Participating Universities:
1) University of Twente, Netherlands
2) VIA University College of Business and Engineering, Denmark
3) SKEMA Business School, France
4) VIA University College of design, Denmark
5) International Business Academy, Denmark

Hosting Schools and Colleges: 
1) Sies College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai: 7th February 2019
2) RBK International Academy, Govandi, Mumbai: 7th February 2019
3) Hiranandani Foundation School, Powai, Mumbai: 8th February 2019
4) RA Podar College, Matunga, Mumbai: 8th February 2019
5) Dr. Pillai Global Academy School, Panvel, Navi Mumbai: 9th February 2019